Android DIR Wetnotes 

Functionality and discription

Android App contains following components:

  • Gas blender - calculates the steps of gas blending for partial pressure mixing.
  • Topoff
  • MOD - END shows whole operative range of detph for breathing gas. The narcotoc factors of each gas component can be set by user. Please keep in mind following:

Narcotic factors of gases:(Chemical sign, name, factors (divide by / multiply by) )He, helium, 4.26 / 0.23
Ne, neon, 3.58 / 0.28
H2, hydrogen, 1.83 / 0.55
N2, nitrogen, 1 / 1
Ar, argon, 0.43 / 2.33
Kr, krypton, 0.14 / 7.14
Xe, xenon, 0.039 / 25.64
(Source: "The Physiology and Medicine of Diving" by Peter Bennett and David Elliott, 4th edition, 1993, W.B.Saunders Company Ltd, London.)


  • pSCR  - shows drop of O2 fraction in loop of pSCR with constant dump ratio

Most important features

  • Gas model: ideal gas, real gas (vdw)
  • Topoff gas is adjustable
  • Fill order is adjustable. The mode "He, AutoEAN(21% - 45%)" is to use with nitrox membranes automates.
  • Price calculation
  • The gases can be set manually or picked up from the list
  • Units are: metric and imperial
  • Detailled view shows amount and wait of of gases.
  • Languages: german, english, french, russian

Screenshots gas blender

Screenshot 2013-03-29-21-37-57Screenshot 2013-03-29-21-38-09Screenshot 2013-03-29-21-38-23Screenshot 2013-03-29-21-38-40

Screenshots Topoff

Screenshot 2013-05-11-17-49-19Screenshot 2013-05-11-17-49-41

Screenshots MOD - END

Screenshot 2013-04-16-10-56-01Screenshot 2013-04-16-10-57-02

Screenshots pSCR

Screenshot 2013-04-18-18-22-46Screenshot 2013-04-18-18-23-23Screenshot 2013-04-18-18-23-33Screenshot 2013-04-18-18-23-45Screenshot 2013-04-18-18-23-57

Supported Android- versions

DIR Wetnotes is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and higher. API Level 7

App can be downloaded here:

Google Play Store




Additional information

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