• In Imperial units mode the input of scuba tank's volume changed to tank's capacity in atacuft and input of working pressure
  • Result table shows in metric units gas amount in mole and barliter and in Imperial units atacuft. Please note, that 1 bar is not equal 1 ata. The price calculation is affected by used units as well
  • Fixes input of decimal values for European Languages with  "," as decimal separator.

Screenshot 2016-04-27-11-04-40

DIR Wetnotes 1.08.03 - maintenance compile for Android 6 API level 23



Version 1.07 - pSCR part extended

The drop of the oxygen fraction in pSCR is shown graphically as both fraction as well as partial pressure

tabs screen

DIR Wetnotes 1.08 - Delta gas calculation added 

Imagine you are able to produce any mix would be great to know what mix and how much should i add to my existing cylinder to reach a desired gas mix

This kind of calculation provides the new module "Delta gas".


Screenshot 2014-06-01-17-32-19


Version 1.06 - new modul "Topoff" added  

The modul calculates topoff from source cylinder into sink

  • The setting "Fill until" stops topoff when reaching the desired limits. Is no limit set, the topoff will be continued until eqalization. If the source cylinder contains not enough gas, the equalization will be calculated
  • Calculates count of possible fillings depending on the gas-hoard in source
  • The remaining pressure in the source can be applied by ckick on the context menu

Screenshot 2013-05-11-17-49-19Screenshot 2013-05-11-17-49-41

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