Gas blender toolkit

New feature: Consideration of bottle-warming during filling

How much bar does the pressure gauge show at a e.g. filled with air scuba tank at 16 C degrees  warm water, if this bottle was previously filled at 26 C degrees air temperature up to 200 bar? The correct answer is: only about 190 bar. With a temperature change of only 10 degrees results in a pressure difference of about 4.9%. This fact clearly shows how important it is to measure the temperature change at every filling step and to adjust the target pressure accordingly.

The new feature see Fig. 1 was introduced to solve this problem


Fig. 1 

Clicking on the icon opens a dialog in which the calculated gas volume is used as a reference and the correct temperature is determined for the actual temperature. The bottle temperature may e.g. be measured with the help of an infrared thermometer. This value is set in the dialog box (Fig. 2). The calculated pressure value shows when the filling step is completed at this temperature.

 abb2 en

Fig. 2

It is important to note that the ambient temperature for the calculation of the entire filling process is set only once and thereafter remains unchanged. (Fig. 3)

abb3 en

 Fig. 3



DIR-Wetnotes now has a successor "Gas blender toolkit"

The "Gas Blender Toolkit" for all devices and platforms. Have fun with it.



  • In Imperial units mode the input of scuba tank's volume changed to tank's capacity in atacuft and input of working pressure
  • Result table shows in metric units gas amount in mole and barliter and in Imperial units atacuft. Please note, that 1 bar is not equal 1 ata. The price calculation is affected by used units as well
  • Fixes input of decimal values for European Languages with  "," as decimal separator.

Screenshot 2016-04-27-11-04-40

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